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Colorscapes Inc. has provided South Texas with superior landscaping services. We deploy dependable, reliable, and experienced crews that will meet or exceed the needs of our clients. We have a reputation for professionalism & excellence as one of the top landscaping companies in South Texas. Let us help you achieve and maintain your landscaping goals, Contact Us Today!

Commercial Lanscapig

Commercial Landscaping

Colorscapes will customize a commercial landscaping plan for your specific needs, no matter the size of the project. Whether it be extensive lawn care or parking lot maintenance, Colorscapes will work together with your business to create the perfect landscape for your business. 



Colorscapes goal is to develop innovative, professional, and efficient irrigation for your property. We use proven water-saving products which combine efficient water use with sustainable design, allowing your landscapes to last for years with the ability to endure in outdoor environments. All Colorscapes products will help save water, no matter what type of landscape is being irrigated or where it’s located.


Commercial Landscape Management

Colorscapes provides premier, full-service commercial land management for all commercial properties. By delivering superior quality and service, Colorscapes has become one of the most trusted commercial landscaping firms throughout South Texas. Our experienced landscape management team is experienced in all facets of commercial landscape management, from mowing and trimming to disease control and fertilization. Colorscapes ensure that your property is truly maintained throughout the year no matter the season. 

Reclamation Wok

Reclamation Work & Erosion Control

Colorscapes provides reclamation work and erosion control for your property. Colorscapes offers decades of experience in large-scale project erosion control needs. We utilize the latest equipment and technology to efficiently install and complete maintenance on today’s largest civil construction projects. Our team is highly trained, innovative, and most importantly, efficient. Our state-of-the-art tools and equipment are custom-built to cater to any reclamation need. Our services range from small-scale operations like mulching and fencing to high-investment operations. We are able to accommodate your needs, no matter the size of the project.

Tree Removal Services

At Colorscapes, our team is fully trained in all aspects of tree removal and practices strict adherence to the industry standards. We take all necessary precautions when we are performing tree removal near homes, buildings, and other obstacles. With any dangerous limbs, branches, and trunks, we always rope and lower them prior to the first cut. If you are in need of a removal, Colorscapes will ensure that we bring tree removal experts to your site that are the most qualified, experienced, and fully insured.